HM Apothecary

Jeweler and artist, Helen Michelsen, started making candles, room sprays, and soaps a year ago. Everything is made in small batches in her Hudson Valley studio. Nestled between some mountains and the Hudson River and usually to the tune of Bruce Springsteen or Reigning Sound. All of her ingredients are vegan friendly and the products are all scented with pure essential oils. We love them!


She doesn't like to look at a lot of packaging in her home. Finding simple and clean design can be difficult, especially with natural ingredients. She started to make products that she wanted to see and use in her own home and was really excited when others expressed interest in them. 

She's constantly inspired by the nostalgia of places that she's traveled. Particularly with the soaps - it's that kind of nostalgia that got her through so many harsh New York City winters and there is no better place to daydream than in the shower.

She also makes jewelry and metal works, and likes to keep busy. She says "working on a lot of things at once makes it so that no matter what my mood, I can always direct my attention toward something. Whether it's polishing / melting / hammering / mixing or using power tools, they all feed into each other and keep me moving along."

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