Evoke The Spirit Yarn Painted Skull

The Huichols of the Sierra Madres in Western Mexico believe that artistic expression is an offering to the Great Spirit, that each of their creations is made in the service of prayer.  This yarn painting collaboration honors the spirit of their sacred endeavors, while incorporating other symbols, colors, and imagery found in Mexican art, craft, and lore.  To yarn paint, the surface of the object is covered with beeswax that has been warmed and softened in the hands of the artisan or shaman.  Then designs are rhythmically tapped into the surface of the wax with thread until the entire surface is covered.  The rhythm becomes a meditation and that meditation lasts for up to three days. The wax hardens as the time passes.  At the end, when the skull is finished, the piece is blessed and released.

This Pamela Love skull is a loving creations guided by her, watched over by Evoke the Spirit, and carried out by the hands of our most skilled Huichol Artisans.  We are so proud to bring this piece to you.



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