Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub


Lymph Health | Sexy Skin | Delicious Exfoliant  

An invigorating blend of firming, exfoliating & antioxidizing ingredients for smooth & supple skin. We source organic brown sugar, biodynamically grown Vanilla and handcrafted Passionfruit Seeds, organic Rose Petals, all from small farms in Costa Rica. An exquisite and healthy way to maintain lymph health.

Recommended during a bath or a hot shower to enhance a deep therapeutic release.

Ingredients: brown sugar, cacao, cacao nibs, passionfruit seed, passionfruit flowers, coconut oil, cacao butter, coffee grounds, vanilla, biodynamic rose petals.

** 100% Organic, Raw & Vegan, Made with Love.

Directions: Utilize a modest amount from jar & emulsify between wet hands as you massage into skin with circular & sweeping motions from feet & hands toward heart.

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