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Campaigns | Pamela Love

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Spring / Summer 2017

Josi Miner shoots Greta Varlese for our Spring / Summer 2017 campaign initially inspired by Pamela's trip to Copenhagen and the Danish modern aesthetic movement particularly woodworking and interior design. She also finds inspiration in the organic architecture of Javeer Senosian and Kendrick Bangs Kellogg as well as the artistic works of Lee Bontecou and Kay Sage. She finds inspiration in the fluidity of the shapes found throughout these works and is most interested in exploring the parallels or similarities in aesthetic between these great artists and creators who were geographically far from one another but somehow echoing each other's work.
Art Direction by Scott West
Styling by Cassi Gibson

Resort 2017

Elisabet Davids shoots Sasha Kichigina for Resort 2017.
Styled by Pamela Love.

Suspension Campaign

Elisabet Davidsdottir shoots Ewa Wladymiruk for our Fall 2016 Collection: Suspension. Suspension an exploration of traditional and modern elements, playing with sculptural shapes and the movement of suspended objects, as well richly colored stones like lapis and tiger's eye.

Anka at Fort Tilden

Elisabet Davids shoots Anka Kuryndina on location at Fort Tilden, Rockaway Beach in some of our favorite pieces from the High Tide and Classic Collections.

Pamela Love Fine

The Pamela Love Fine collection is crafted in delicate motifs featuring 18k gold and precious gemstones. This collection represents the worldly inspiration that Pamela Love has become known for, with deep-rooted interests in nature, space, and astrology.