Orville Peck Ring Large



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Made with recycled and recyclable materials.

A bold and playful unisex ring inspired by Orville Peck's signature fringe mask.

Orville Peck is a true country music vanguard. This mysterious balladeer along with his trademark fringe mask quickly rose through the ranks of popular music to become a global phenomenon, doing it all with humor, camp, and an air of bravado harkening back to the golden era of country. Orville and Pamela Love met at a punk show over a decade ago and have been fast friends ever since.


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  • Composition: brass
  • Measurements: 28 x 14 mm
  • Read about how to care for our jewelry here.

Orville Peck Rings - Brass Jewelry - Brass Rings

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Orville Peck Ring Large