Ursa Major Ring


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Made with recycled and recyclable materials.

Two diamonds and white opal float in a dreamy pink opal sphere set in a delicate 18k gold band, portraying the moon and stars orbiting a planet.


  • Composition: recycled 18k yellow gold, pink opal, white opal, white diamonds 
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REF: FPLCL-R06-Y-K17-5
REF: FPLCL-R06-Y-K17-6
REF: FPLCL-R06-Y-K17-7
REF: FPLCL-R06-Y-K17-8
REF: FPLCL-R06-Y-K17-5.5
REF: FPLCL-R06-Y-K17-6.5
REF: FPLCL-R06-Y-K17-7.5

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Ursa Major Ring