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January 10, 2017

Love Stories - Hannah Latimer


Hannah Latimer


Sales at Issey Miyake 

Why Chinatown?

Rent-controlled apartment with a patio.

Top 10 things in your neighborhood.  

Kikis grilled octopus, fried dumplings from Lam Zhou (50 frozen for $10!), Kamwo Pharmacy, Yan Mei Reflexology Foot Spa, Chinatown ice cream, Mei Li Wah Bakery and Bubble Tea, Sun’s Organic Garden chrysanthemum flower tea, Magic Jewelry aura reading, Forget Me Not, Seward Park Library, gossiping at Ellen Vintage on Ludlow, Chinese vases on East Broadway and Pike, people watching at Columbus Park anytime after 9 PM-- you’ll see some things.

Tell us about your personal relationship with style, what do you think is important to keep in mind?

Try, but don’t let anyone know. Wear pleats.

Which designers do you look to for inspiration?

Issey Miyake, Dries Van Noten, Rei Kawakubo, Pamela Love, Lemaire, Phoebe English, Yulia Kondranina, Nehera…..

Does vintage play a role in your wardrobe?

Yes, it always has. Vintage shopping connects you to a simpler time, and I value the relationships I’ve made.  I’m a romantic when it comes to shopping-- maybe it's because I’m a raging introvert and need points of conversation, but I love the story behind vintage clothing and how certain silhouettes or textiles are timeless. When I first moved to the city, I found a postcard in a clutch at a flea market that a girl had written to her mother after moving to New York telling her not to worry. I kept the clutch and mailed the note to my mom in Hawaii. I don’t see this happening at the Zara on 34th street.

You're from Hawaii. What's it like growing up in paradise? Do you feel that it is a big part of who you are now?

I would hope so! Growing up on an island, you need to have a certain level of respect for everyone you come in contact with. O’ahu is tiny, and you'll absolutely run into people again in line at Long's grocery store or a family party. I generally assume everyone I meet at home is related and need to be treated like family. I'd like to think I brought this island mentality to the city with me.

Describe your personal style in a sentence or character. 

Honestly, still trying to figure this out

What is your usual jewelry look consist of?

My closet is pretty wild, so I have a more minimal approach to jewelry. You’ll never see me decked in jewelry head to toe.  I have a shit ring that an ex gave me that I should probably stop wearing and I’m really into inlay hoops. 

If you could only have one forever, silver or gold?


What drew you to NYC? Does it live up to the fantasy you had before calling it home?

God, my mom would be in tears if I called NYC home. I came to the city for school and to work in the fashion industry. I love New York because it constantly throws me into unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations. When I’m  home in Kaneohe, I revert to this 16-year-old version of myself and New York would never put up with that. 

Film photography and interview by Olivia La Roche, content creator and co-founder of contemporary vintage retailer Petra von Kant. Hannah wears jewelry by Pamela Love, a mix of her own eclectic wardrobe, and vintage curated by

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