Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Breadwinners, superheroes, partners, parents, grandparents, adopters, co-parents - motherhood is no one fixed thing just like mothers are no singular type of person. The past couple of years have really hammered that home and taught us how diverse their roles and identities are. We don't expect the mothers in your life to fit neatly into one category, but we hope these selections speak to the many parts of them you treasure and adore. Mothers truly deserve to be celebrated every day. It's impossible to repay the daily gift of unconditional love they give us, but a beautiful piece of jewelry as a tribute to that love is a wonderful start. 


For your BFF:

Heart in Hand Pendant


Whether she's your partner, your own mother, or a confidant you want to celebrate, you can hold her close with the Heart In Hand Pendant.


For the Far Away Mom:

Moon Phase Pendant


The physical separation between families has been keenly felt these past few years. Give her our Moon Phase Pendant to bridge those distances by the phases of the moon in the night sky, something we share no matter where we are on the ground.


For the New Mom:

Inlay Scarab Bracelet

Scarabs symbolize regeneration and rebirth, celebrate her milestone in the cycle of life with our vibrant Opal Inlay Scarab Bracelet.


For the Healer:

Artemesia Earrings


She makes you feel safe with her calm presence. A hug from her feels like it will cure whatever ails you. Mother of Pearl - featured on our Artemesia Earrings - is one of nature's most alluring protective materials and it gives birth to strong, resilient and beautiful pearls. 


For the Protector:

Dagger Pendant


She's always got your back and will shield you from anything she can. The hilt of this Dagger Pendant is a woman holding a star aloft, a figure referencing a divine guardian.


For the Provider:

Vessel Pendant


She carries the whole family through thick and thin, but never makes any of the things she holds seem like a burden. Help her take a load off with our Vessel Pendant.


For the Earth Mother:

Mushroom Pave Huggie


Garden goddess, intrepid explorer, house-plant whisperer, she shares the magic of nature with those she loves. Our Mushroom Stud and Mushroom Pave Huggie are the perfect adornments for the earth mother.


For the Young at Heart:

Allegra Earrings


Forever wild and free, unafraid to get messy and silly, she's eternally the world's best playmate. The mismatched Allegra Earrings is the perfect fit for her.


For the Meditative Mama:

Ebonee Alignment Earrings


She walks through the world balanced and centered, and keeps everyone close to her aligned with her calming presence. The Alignment Earrings from our collaboration with Ebonee Davis will complement her beautiful energy.

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