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November 17, 2015

Love Stories - Anja Tyson

Name: Anja Tyson

  • I live in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn
  • I work in Sales and Brand Development
  • Favorite t-shirt: This old Acne Pop Classics one that I probably should have thrown away by now
  • Jeans: Dries Van Noten SS10
  • Perfume: CDG Incense Jaisalmer
  • Nail Polish: Essie Topless and Barefoot
  • Favorite drink: Bloody Marys or if we’re being PG Arnold Palmers
  • Necessary Extravagance: Kerastase shampoo, which is heinously expensive but after I use it I feel like Meryl Streep in the movie Manhattan.

    I store my jewelry everywhere. Some I hang on mirrors and furniture, some is in my rolltop desk. I have my great grandmothers wedding ring, and that baby is in a lockbox. Which is horrible because I would love to look at it all the time, but my heart would break if something happened to it.

    I have pets and plants. Squid is a Norwich Terrier turning 8 this year. He’s a big dopey cuddler and I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. My house is also filled with plants, I need them around in order to feel at home. My friend recently told me that indoor plants need to be talked to and touched to mimic what they should be feeling in nature, where they belong, so now I’ve added that to the watering routine. Obviously Squid gets talked to and pet all the time already.

    My favorite place to get away without leaving the city limits is either The Odeon, for a steak, or to Hudson River Park, to be on the river. I lived downtown on the west side for most of my 20s and I really miss it all the time.

    My favorite Pamela Love piece is my locket, engraved with my daughter's name. Pam gave it to me after Matilda was born. I care about this locket more than most everything else, it’s on my shortlist of things that come with me if there’s ever a disaster at my house.

    I used to be an evening person, but since becoming a mom I am a morning person. Your days just get really packed and they go by so fast. There’s something really hopeful and uplifting about watching the sun come up and knowing there’s a whole day full of potential in front of you.

    Photography by Jason Eric Hardwick
    Interview by Double or Nothing (

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